Published Today – Mariana de la Mar Book 2

hawkey2Again the Wheel of Fortune turns, and her twentieth year sees Mariana arrive in Paris, determined now, at last, to pursue her dream of continuing the studies she began as a child, even if that means dressing as a boy – no women are admitted to the lectures. But then Jaquet, a fellow-student of hers, is accused of murdering his uncle, an elderly alchemist, and in order to save him she sets out to discover what really happened. These investigations bring her into contact with the highest and lowest in the land. She meets and discusses the case and her situation with the Holy Roman Emperor, (in Paris on a Christmas state visit) and becomes friends with his daughter, Princess Anna, who a couple of years later marries the boy-king Richard II and becomes Queen of England. At the opposite end of the social spectrum, Mariana is soon on familiar terms with the feared Albanian king of the Paris underworld and the abbesses of two of the city’s most notorious brothels – where, of course, she naturally feels at home. In the course of her investigations, though, she falls foul of the Church and has to leave Paris in a hurry. This second Mariana story is available now from Amazon Kindle and will be available in paperback very soon.


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